Crack Down on Noisey Mopeds

The Policía Local in Motril have been pulling over young scooter riders and inspecting their vehicles on the spot to see if all is in order.

MOT Controlling Brats on BikesThis operation was brought about because of the many complaints concerning how noisey these machines are.

The things that the police are looking for are unofficial modifications to the exhausts, as well as checking that their ITV inspections are up-to-date also.

All mopeds/scooters with 50cm engines should pass their first ITV afer three years and should not be able to exceed 45kph.

Quads and small bikes with double front wheels have their first ITV after four years. After the first ITV, further inspections should take place every two years.

Another thing that the police were looking for was that the a valid vehicle insurance

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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