Choking & Trapped in a Lift

A 13-month old baby was choking and the parents were rushing to get it to the nearest medical centre in Madrid, but then they became trapped in the lift...

SPN Baby Swallow Bottle TopThe incident took place at 13.45h this Monday in a building on Carretera de Boadilla del Monte in the Latina District of the capital.

Somehow the baby had swallowed a plastic, bottle top and began to choke. The parents tried to get the obstruction out of the child’s throat but couldn’t dislodge it, so they took the lift to reach their car in the garage, but on the way down the lift ground to a halt between floors.

It couldn’t have happened at worse time.

They phoned 112 (they were lucky to have coverage inside a lift shaft) and the fire service were there within minutes and freed them from the lift. The fire personnel saw that the child was hardly able to breath and its heart beat had slowed right down and was close to cardiac arrest.

They immediately gave the child oxygen, which was when the paramedics arrived. Using a specialised technique they managed to get the obstruction out of the child’s throat despite it being firmly lodged there.

They then rushed the victim to Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid, where the child began recovering from the ordeal.

(News: Madrid)

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