Herd Immunity Achieved

There are nine municipalities within the province of Granada that have reached or even surpassed 90% of their populations fully vaccinated.

COS JeteAdmittedly, they are small villages with not many inhabitants so getting 90% of your inhabitants vaccinated is not that difficult but even so, it’s a milestone that all of our municipalities are anxious to reach. In municipalities of 25,000 or over the figure is more like 65% to 70%.

The 70% herd immunity level was held as the target for a long time but with the Delta Variant, which is more virulent, the goal has been adjusted to stand at 90%.

Reaching 90% in large towns and cities is virtually impossible because a good percentage belongs to the 0-12 age group, which is not being vaccinated at the moment. In small villages, the child community is very small with most inhabitants being elderly, hence the slow depopulation of this municipalities – they need young blood to keep the schools from being closed down for lack of pupils.

Without further ado, the nine are:

1. Carataunas
2. Murtas
3. Cáñar
4. La Calahorra
5. Lugros
6. Cogollos de Guadix
7. La Tahá
8. Jete
9. Cacín

Jete, for example, has a population of just 927 so it is almost certain that those inhabitants under 12 are less than 10% of the total population.

The municipalities that are pretty close to reaching the herd immunity figure and have just over 85% fully vaccinated are:

Albuñuelas, Valderrubio, Algarinejo, Moclín, Villanueva Mesía, Freila, Purullena, Nevada and Lobras.

However, the fact is that counting the under-12 population and those that don’t wish to be vaccinated (mainly in their mid to late 40s) it is virtually impossible to reach the 90% threshold, so the health authorities have almost run out of people to vaccinate.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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