Necessary Docs When Driving

The Traffic Department (DGT) reminds drivers in a recent communiqué that they will fine anybody without any one of the four obligatory documents that you should have in your glove compartment.

SPN Guardia Civil ControlITV docs is one of them, even though the sticker is on display on your windscreen which obviously has to be up to date.

However, you are also supposed to carry the form handed over at the ITV centre showing, amongst other details, any minor defects that would have to be fixed without having to return to the centre to prove it.

Major problems require that you return and prove that they have been rectified so that you can be issued with a ITV certificate. Minor ones do not but if the police catch you with these defects still not sorted, you’ll get fined.

If you are found driving with an out-of-date ITV certificate, the fine is 200 euros but remember you don’t have to be driving it in order to be fined. If it is parked in a public garage or on public road, you’ll still get fined.

Another essential document that you must carry, of course, is a valid driving licence and another is the Permiso de Circulación del Vehículo: this contains information on the vehicle and the owner.

The fine for not carrying one of the above is considered leve (minor) so it’s 100 euros. There is a difference between not carrying and not possessing, in the case of a driving licence, obviously, in which case you could be fined until your eyes bleed.

As far as your car insurance goes, since 2008 it is not obligatory to have it with you, however the DGT “recommends” that you keep it in your glove compartment along with the latest period-payment made.

If you are found not to have a vehicle insurance, your car will be immobilised on the spot and you will face a fine of between 601 and 3,005 euros… and a jolly good ticking off! The quantity is based on the type of vehicle (private or work) and how long it has been since it was last fully insured… and whether you are a repeat offender for this.

The DGT points out that this also applies to car rentals so make sure that these documents are in the glove compartment before you drive off in it.

(News: Spain)

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