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Almuñécar Town Hall says that it is going to do something about the urbanizaciones built in the 90s without being connected to the municipal sewage system.

ALM Currumbico Landslip 03Some of them were not even connected up to the electricity grid or had paved streets. In fact the Urban Development Department calculates that 60% of urbanised area lack some kind of infrastructure.

Consequently, they have started listing and studying those dwellings that are most affected by these deficiencies, most of which are in Urbanización Curumbico and Urbanizacion Delta.

Now, the problems in Urb. Curumbico have previously been covered in the Seaside Gazette, which you can read about in April 2013 and November 2019. This area started to sprout houses in the 60s which has continued to the present day, but virtually all are not connected to the municipal sewage system but have sealed, sewage tanks. It is not clear whether some even just have soak aways.

If you read the 2019 link, you will see that there was a landslip just above the beach where building work was going on – work that should never have been allowed, but let’s not get distracted. The developers said it was because of the hillside becoming unstable due to constant sewage water seeping through the rock but the Town Hall Surveyor’s Department concluded that the building had been lax over preventative measure when excavating.

The end result was that the Mancomunidad de Municipios inspected the sewage tanks, house by house to make sure that it was all correct. In some cases there had been leaks and despite the onus being on property owners, the Town Hall is going to bring about a definitive solution, it intends.

The problem is that these houses that sprung up in the 90s should never have been signed off by the Town Hall without adequate infrastructure – the developers had the responsibility but took the money and ran, with the Town Hall looking the other way. Many of the said companies went bust and do not even exist now.

Now, it is not the fault of the people who bought these house, as it was done in good faith, so they can’t be expected to pay for the deficiencies. It was the fault of the developer and the fault of the Town Hall, although the latter might not agree.

So, the owners can’t be expected to pay and the Town Hall says that it can not run with all the costs as it does not have the money – this may sound familiar; i.e., Carmenes del Mar.

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Nevertheless, the Town Hall has begun negotiating with about 20 property owners belonging to Urbanizacion Delta, which has put forward a project by private surveyor. The Town Hall has said that it might be able to help a little with the costs and even request a grant from a higher administration.

Urbanización Curumbico is a different kettle of fish, considers the Councillor for Urban Development, Sr. Garcia, because many property owners live abroad and there is no single administrative entity for all the properties, unlike Urb. Delta.

The Mancomunidad suggests that they pay up front for the work, but the expense be later recuperated via a surcharge on water bills.

“It’s the sewage that is the problem,” says, Councillor García, adding, “they all have septic tanks which are no longer permitted on building land – they must be eliminated.”

Editorial comment: the problem with political parties is that they forget who they represent when in office.

Whether it concerns charges of corruption under a previous administration belonging to the same party, or in a Town Hall when a previous municipal administration of a different colour is responsible for something like the above affair, the reaction is the same: this has nothing to do with the present administration.

The trouble is, yes it does – if the Town caused a problem, it is the Town Hall who is responsible regardless of whom now occupies the mayoralty. If a previous mayor or urban-development councillor is responsible then embargo his house to pay for it.

When accountability becomes reality and not a unicorn myth then the type of administrative laxity that has caused this problem will be a thing of the past… hopefully.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  2 comments for “Curumbico & Delta

  1. September 13, 2021 at 8:37 pm

    Frank: thank you very much for this informative and clarifying input. You can count on the Seaside Gazette as a platform for furthering you community aims. Please keep us informed of any developments. If you would like to put any questions to the Mayor, let me know and I will try and arrange an appointment with her to discuss it.

  2. Frank Moss
    September 13, 2021 at 8:15 pm

    Thank you for this article, but to avoid disinformation from spreading, it is worthwhile clarifying and/or adding a few facts.

    I have been a property owner in Curumbico for over 20 years, therefore paid already a nice amount of real-estate taxes to the City of Almunecar, but never saw anything in return investment in my part of Curumbico.

    Indeed, there are 2 parts of Curumbico, each with their own urbanisacion: the west side is called Loma (de Curumbico), the east side Panorama (de Curumbico). City water and sewage pipes are available in Loma, but not in Panorama.

    Panorama house owners have self-financed a new electricity grid in 2014, without any contribution from the City.

    I am sure current and future house owners are also ready to invest in connections to the City water and sewage system, in collaboration and co-financing with the City. Sadly, there has never been any initiative launched to that end from any of the successive City administrations, just as we were promised to get a safer access to the N340 “as soon as the motorway would be finished”. We have been waiting ever since.

    It is not at all a question of the foreigners being difficult to reach. Panorama de Curumbico has some 40 property owners of which half are Spanish. We have organised ourselves in a new legally established entity, exactly as exists in Delta. We would very much like the City to come forward with constructive proposals soon. We stand ready to discuss.

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