Dog with Acid Burns

The animal protection association, Galgos del Sur has taken in a dog that was found in Motril with extensive acid burns.

SPN Acid Attack DogThe association, which has its own medical facilities or veterinary hospital, issued a press release explaining how the dog had been found in a roadside ditch by a couple from Córdoba who were on holiday in Motril.

They saw that it was suffering from thirst and was in a lot of pain from the burns, which covered most of its back and sides.

They immediately took it to a vet in Motril where it received its first medical assistance. The vet also saw that the dog had no microchip, so it was impossible to located the owner.

Because of the severity of its injuries, the vet contacted Galgos del Sur, who transferred the dog to Córdoba where they have their veterinary hospital. It is receiving pain killers and having its injuries treated daily. This week it will go into surgery but its recovery is expected to involve a long period of convalescence.

According to the Chairwoman of Galgos del Sur, Patricia Almansa, this case is not an isolated one, saying that cruelty to animals is taking place daily and in the most heartless forms.

Sra. Almansa said that it is worrying that confronted by this “avalanche of cases of animal cruelty all over the country,” the Central Governments and even local town councils are not doing more to tackle the problem and coming down harder on culprits.

Editorial comment: some readers, especially via facebook, will hide this post because it is unpleasant others will not even click on the article to open it for the same reason. However, the more coverage that cases like this get; the greater the chances are that the authorities will act decisively and with overwhelming consequences for those responsible.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Fred Davies
    August 31, 2021 at 11:29 pm

    Totally agree that you should publish to make folk look out for such terribly depressing abuse of helpless animals

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