Gualchos Hill Fire

The Junta deactivated the Level One alert for the hill fire above Gualchos on Saturday evening as the work to extinguish it was going well.

ECO Infoca low flying helicopterA Level One alert is where they considered that the fire can be tackled with local assets; i.e., Infoca aircraft and units based in that area, together with the local fire service.

However it also establishes measures to be taken to prevent damage to homes or danger to life.

Sixty personnel were deployed together with a water-bowser lorry (autobomba/fire engine), a mobile medical unit, five helicopters, one of which was the larger water bomber with counterrotating rotors, three light, fixed-wing, water-bomber aircraft (Air Tractors), a coordination aircraft.

This quite large deployment ensured that the flames did not reach nearby housing nor got so close to the A-7 (kilometre point 353) that it would have had to be closed down because of the smoke generated.

The fire was reported at 15.50h to 112 in the area known as the Pico del Águila. Besides calling out Infoca, the emergency, call centre also alerted the Guardia Civil, Motril Fire Service, plus the Policía Local and Nacional.

Editorial note: technically, both helicopters and aeroplanes are ‘aircraft’ but the distinction is ‘fixed-wing’ (aeroplanes) and rotary-wing (helicopters)

(News: Gualchos, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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