Turismo Tropical Complex Saga

The latest round of political bickering over what was holiday accommodation for the elderly in Almuñécar continues with an attack against the Provincial Council.

ALM Turismo Tropical OnLLet’s get a better look at what words have actually been exchanged between the chief opposition party in the Provincial Council (PP) and the governing party, (PSOE).

The PP spokeswoman, Inmaculada Hernández, accused the Chairman of laxity for “maintaining Turismo Tropical closed down,” thus denying the elderly and disabled a chance to spend a holiday in Almuñécar.

She accused the Chairman of having plenty of time for other matters that are of no neccesity for anybody, whilst forgetting the elderly citizens of the province.

“This,” she entoned, “cannot continue,” and then went on holiday as did the said chairman.

Now looking back in our article archives, the PP, who governed the Provincial Council in 2015, shut the installations down because the lease holders had fallen down on the lease terms. According to Sra. Hernández, this decision was backed by a judicial verdict.

That same year the PP lost control of the council and it went back to the PSOE under Chairman Entrena. Just a quick aside: the PSOE had previously controlled the Council from 1987 until the PP took over in 2011.

The Turismo Tropical complex had already existed for 24 years until it was shut down in 2015. Since then, according to the PSOE the PP has done nothing but put a spanner in the works at all attempts to get it opened again – Almuñécar has been governed by the PP (Mayor Herrera) since 2015.

The Provincial Council set a budget of 4.7m euros to renovate the installations but the PP in the said council voted against.

Since then Almuñécar Town Hall has blocked further advance, according to the PSOE, because the PP-lead Town Council will not issue a building licence.

So, that’s what they’re accusing each other of, but let’s take a look at an article that we did on this in 2014, which sheds a little more light on how we got to where we are.

Now take a look at this one in 2018 regarding the 4.7m euro budget for doing the place up. The article is entitled “Politicians Will Be Politicians.”

Anyway, decide for yourselves.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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