Building Collapse in Peñíscola

The seaside town of Peñiscola has been stunned when an apartment block collapsed trapping some residents inside.

SPN Buillding Collapse Peñiscola AG21The 3-storey building on Avenida Mas del Senyor, situated within Urbanización Font Nova, contains holiday homes and given the month we are in it had all of its flats occupied, although that doesn’t mean that everybody was home at the time because many were still on the beach, for example.

However, the fire service belonging to Baix Maestrat, believe that there are people trapped underneath the rubble in fact, at least one man has been rescued. Several people from neighbouring blocks say that they have heard people calling out for help inside the collapsed building.

Information is still very scant but it appears that the incident occurred not long before 20.00h this evening, which is when the emergency services were arriving, according to the Twitter account of the fire service dealing with the incident, the CPBC.


(News: Peñiscola, Castellon, Valencia)

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