Narcos Nabbed by Bathers

A Guardia Civil launch cornered and chased a narco launch onto a beach in Melicena and one of the drug runners was brought down by bathers on the beach.

ECO Melicena Beach Citizen Narco ArrestIt was around 18.00h on Playa Melicena where bathers watched a Salvamento Marítimo launch out of Motril give chase to a high-speed boat right in front of the beach, when the drug runners decided that the only escape was to beach the boat and make good their escape on foot.

The Rib crashed up onto the beach scattering beach goers and out jumped the two occupants. One ran straight across the beach with out delay and disappeared but the other hesitated, thinking that he had time before a Guardia Civil patrol car arrived. He was wrong.

His hesitation was just long enough for those people standing around him to snap out of it and react. He ran around in circles as bathers closed in but eventually they brought him down and piled on top of him.

Shortly afterwards Guardia Civil officers reached the beach from where they had parked the patrol vehicle and took custody of him. The other one didn’t get far either before being arrested.

Inside the boat was 725 kilos of hashish distributed within a score of packages, with a street value of around 1.5m euros.

Editorial comment: if that had happened on the Algericas beach next to Gibraltar then they would all have been helping them getting the drugs off the beach before the Guardia arrived, instead of tackling them. Díos bendiga los Granainos! Almost as entertaining as the footage are the comments in the background.

(News: Melicena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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