Stealing from Someone Poorer

LHR Stealing from Someone Poorer PEYes, some farmers do that in a more suitable way using pitance wages and abusive hours, but in this case we’re talking about physically stealing a watch from one of the many African immigrants who hawk their ware along paseos.

This happened in a chiringuito in La Herradura last month and involved a family sat eating at a table on the terrace and a well known and well liked hawker called Ibrahim although most know him as simply Ibu.

Unfortunately for the sinvergüenza, the owner of this well established chiringuito has known Ibu since he was an adolescent and when it came to believing Ibu or believing the man sat at one of his tables, he didn’t have to think twice and told the man to give the watch back.

How things had come to this was after Ibu had approached the table where a husband, wife and kids were eating, asking them if they were interested in buying anything. The husband decided to waste Ibu’s time by asking to examine a watch even though he had not the slightest intention of buying it.

When it became obvious that the ‘customer’ was not interested, Ibu asked him to hand it back, but his response was basically, “what watch?” Things began to get a little heated, which is when the man told the chiringuito that the “immigrant” was annoying them and should be told to leave.

Ibu didn’t like putting his friend, the chiringuito, on the spot, and was prepared to go, but the owner put his foot down and told the man to return the missing watch. He of course denied that he had it but finally he opened his fist and threw the watch onto the table.

The chiringuito owner told him that he was not welcome and to pay up and leave. The man’s family could only sit there in embarrasment whilst all this unfolded – even though they were no doubt used to the man’s attitude and antics

Full praise should go to the proprietor for defending the underdog – many wouldn’t  have and there can only be contempt for the culprit.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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