Jumbo Jellyfish!

Costa Tropical has been panting for the arrival of foreign tourists, whom the tourist sector sorely misses, but visitors of a different kind arrived off Torrenueva.

TNC Jellyfish Arrive AG21People have been asking when and where the jellyfish swarms would arrive and it seems like newly independent Torrenueva was selected by our slimy friends to establish a beach head.

Yes, but rather than swarms of the little blighters, the ones that turned up along the coast on Playa del Cañon are rather large ones – we’re talking about one that was sighted that was nearly two metres in length; i.e., two metres from the cap to the end of the tendrils, tentacles, taser tassles or whatever the things are called!

However, this is unusual as the ones that cruise up to our beaches are normally: Pelagia Noctiluca (mauve stinger), Rhizostoma Pulmo (Frilly-Mouthed Jellyfish), Portuguese men’o’war as well as one type called Medusa Huevo Frito, or if you prefer, Cotylorhiza Tuberculata.

(News: Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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