Custody of Rivers

SAL Guadalfeo AccordThe meeting was mostly about the river flow; i.e., the volume of water continually released downstream in order to maintain the river-course flora and fauna; i.e. the fluvial ecosystem.

The project also contains plans to revitalise the Guadalfeo from the Tajo de los Vados (the canyon below Vélez-Benaudalla) down to the river mouth itself. This includes the Senda Verde (Green Path) which will be a track down either side of the river that will run along newly planted trees, etc.

Amongst the idea put before the Junta is the building of a valve or sluice to control the volume of water running down the riverbed, thus guaranteeing a continuous flow. The flow will vary depending on the season, of course, but unlike the present when there has been no water coming down according to the Town Hall, the river will have a constant supply of water running down its length.

It’s not just about public administrations coming together, because an essential element in this project are the volunteers who have been out digging, filling, planting trees and even bringing into being a pond for amphibians.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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