Kiddy ID Bracelets on Beaches

SAL Bracellets for Kids on BeachThese bracelets are free to beach users and are provided by Ferretería Neptuno so that parents can enjoy with the peace of mind, knowing that their child can be easily identified by the lifeguards and their parents informed.

The said hardware shop headed by Silverio, is a member of the Unión Cerrajeros Andaluces de Seguridad (UCAS), which, you might remember, will provide a free, change-of-lock service to any woman, victim of domestic violence.

All told some 5,000 bracelets are available – a good number of them will already have been given out during July, of course. You can obtain them at the lifeguard posts along the beaches, as well as from Ferretería Neptuno itself, which is on Avenida del Mediterráneo, along with the shop belonging to Paquito Franco on the seafront.

When you acquire one of these free bracelets you merely have to leave your name and telephone number so that you can be contacted if your child is found after wandering off. They are also waterproof, so they won’t get damaged when your child goes into the surf.

The manager of Ferretería Neptuno, Silverio Jiménez Molina, explained that whereas the scheme was their own individual effort, this year it is being done through the locksmiths association, meaning that it will be available in other municipalities if the town hall request it.

Several children on Salobreña beaches during previous summers got lost and were safely returned to their parents, thanks to these simple devices.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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