Careful with Your Luggage

You put your bag on the ground two seconds to take a selfy in an airport only to look down and find it gone, as was the case of a German tourist.

SPN Guardia Civil at AirportThis occurred on the 8th of June, according to the Guardia Civil HQ on the island, inside the Ibiza Airport terminal but ended with the thief being caught. The stolen shoulder bag, however, was not recovered.

As soon as the tourist realised that he and his shoulder bag had parted company, but not by mutual accord, he reported the theft to the Guardia Civil post in Sant Josep.

They quietly had a quick snigger about the man even using a shoulder bag then immediately began investigating the theft.

It was on the 12th, four days later, that the Guardia Civil arrested a 51-year-old, Algerian man, who has a charge sheet replete with similar exploits.

The Guardia Civil press release gives no further details of to why they arrested him in particular, or whether items within the stolen bags were found on him, or whether he had confessed – perish the thought, that it was just because he was a swathy in complexion and had had his nipples tweaked until he confessed – just kidding!

(News: Ibiza, Balearic Islands)

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