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A reader via our facebook account (Kirsty) asked whether we knew the hourly rates for each of the three electricity bands - ojalá there were a straight answer!

SPN Electricity PricesThe new system introduced by the Central Government has not only introduced an obligatory high, medium and low charging system and not to mention variable kilo-wattage supply, but we are still tied down to a variable cost per kilo wattage depending on market prices on any particular day.

So, if you take the prices on the 3rd of June, the difference between low, or cheap rate and peak rate was over double 24.21 centimes per kilo-watt hour and 10.29 centimes per kwh. That’s a difference of 135%, Folks

If you take that and compare it with the maximum variation during May, you will find it only varied around 17 centimes.

Putting your washing machine on during the peak hours will cost you 47c per kwh, whereas after midnight it will cost your 22c per kwh. And as a reader pointed out, some block communities forbid putting a washing machine on after midnight – thank you, Fernando.

So, what about your aircon and its usage? Well, looking back on the 3rd, you were looking at 34 centimes, 21 centimes and 16 centimes, depending on what time you were using your aircon. Yes, that’s over 100% difference between the maximum and minimum rates. And guess what accounts for the 40% of your electricity consumption…

Do you remember the stories of a pensioner sat next to a candle and wrapped in a quilt on the couch because he or she couldn’t afford to put the heating on – it’s called energy poverty. Who is going to be most affected by the new system? You guessed it.

And whilst we are on it, we pay 4% IVA on bread, eggs, milk, cheese… wheel chairs & false limbs… because they are of prime necessity, so why are we charged 21% on electricity, if it is a prime necessity too?

Quite simply because every home, even if it is sitting empty like a holiday home, gets an electricity bill, so it is a lot of income for the State. Amazingly, consumers within their electricity bill pay IVA on a tax, levied by the State to pay off a debt owed to the energy sector – a tax on a tax. Fun, eh?

Lastly, the socialist, Central Government, in coalition with a far-left party, justified this new system, saying that it was to bring Spain into line with its European neighbours, such as Germany, for example. However, do they plan to bring wages into line with our northern neighbours, too? No, of course not. The average Spaniard earns less so how can a left-leaning government use such an argument without blushing?

(News/Editorial: Spain)

  2 comments for “More on New Electricity Rates

  1. Malcolm
    June 4, 2021 at 9:17 pm

    Thanks for the explanation, it seems that we need to be awake all night and asleep all day! Having just completed our Spanish tax returns that’s another thing designed to confuse the unwary!

  2. Steve
    June 4, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    All animals are equal but some are more equal than others! It’s just yet another tax that will be felt most by the lower income families of Spain, shameful!

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