Shell in the Attic

SPN Shell in the AtticIt’s a nasty enough surprise to start with but when a closer inspection reveals that it’s an 75mm shell that’s over eighty years old and looks a bit grumpy…

Anyway, that’s what happened in Alcublas (Valencia) on the 2nd of May and the new ‘owners’ lost no time getting hold of the Guardia Civil

The new owners of the very old house, had found a wooden box in the loft and brought it down to the kitchen to examine – the contents no doubt bumped around inside the box during the transfer.

The Equipo de Desactivación de Explosivos (GEDEX) belonging to the Guardia Civil rushed around to the address. In the meantime the Policia Local had cordoned off the area. The bomb disposal team confirmed that it was Civil War ammunition with a grudge so they whisked it off to the nearby quarry of La Serratilla within the municipality of Buñol, to detonate it.

The Guardia Civil recommends that if you do come across unexploded artillery ammunition, etc, then you should resist the urge to play catch or football with it and contact them immediately on 062.

(News:  Alcublas, Valencia)

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