German Woman Rescued

A 79-year-old German woman, who had fallen down a steep embankment in Mallorca, was rescued by the Guardia Civil.

SPN Elderly Woman Rescued MY21The incident took place in the afternoon of the 13th of this month (Thursday) near Urbanización Son Font in the municipality of Calviá, which in the county of the Sierra de Tramontana.

The Guardia Civil had received a report on a missing, elderly woman in the said area. She had gone out in the morning for a walk along a country lane near the urbanización where she lives. However, she had not returned from her outing, hence the missing person report.

The mountain rescue team, the Grupo de Rescate e Intervención de Montaña (GREIM) as well as a Guardia Civil helicopter were sent out to look for her. The pilot saw what appeared to be a white garment amongst trees so he went back round again to take another look and confirmed that it was a person huddled on the ground, not moving.

The team on foot managed to approach her and quickly indentified her as the missing person. She was conscious but dazed with multiple injuries owing to the fall.

She was given first-aid treatment on the spot and then taken to the Hospital Son Espases.

The Guardia Civil recommend that if you wish to go out and walk in the mountain, it should be done according to your physical capacity without overestimation, and if possible, in the company of another person.

This latest incident involving an elderly person follows one where a 78-year-old woman had to be rescued on the Ruta de los Molinos between Árchez and Canillas de Abaida (Axarquía) on Tuesday, after she fractured her ankle in an area of difficult access.

(News: Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

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