Survey on Jet-Ski Impact

Public consultation: JET SKIS in Almuñécar-La Herradura -Executive Summary

ALM Amigos del Mar LogoExecutive Summary of the public consultation regarding the use of jet skis in Almuñécar-La Herradura promoted by the Asociación Amigos de Mar Costa Tropical, in collaboration with the Association of Merchants of La Herradura, the Association of Diving Companies of La Herradura, Almuñecar Women’s Group, Econciencia and Equlibrio Marino.

The survey was carried out online using the Google Forms platform, in two languages ​​(Spanish and English). To facilitate accessibility, surveys in paper format were also made available in some local businesses, for people without internet connection, and were subsequently transcribed into digital form.

Universe: Residents or visitors of the municipality of Almuñécar-La Herradura. In order to avoid duplication of answers, an identification document number (DNI, NIE or passport) was requested as a mandatory field.

Dissemination: Through social networks and WhatsApp groups related to the different promoter entities. As a reinforcement, and prior to the Easter period, bilingual posters were distributed with the insertion of QR codes in shops and establishments in the Almuñécar-La Herradura municipality.

Period: the consultation was carried out between March 5 and April 15, 2021. No. of responses: 1256.
Results: the results and graphs presented in this report correspond to the automatic statistical treatment carried out by Google Forms.

A total of 1256 valid responses were received, with the following profile: • Residence: 42.2% full-time residents; 34.4% part-time residents; and 23.4% visitors.
• Origin: 67.8% Spanish nationals and 32.2% foreigners.
• Age: 8% under 30 years; 37.5% between 30-50 years; 54.5% older than 50 years.

Economic activity
20.5% of those surveyed stated that they carried out economic activity in the municipality, with a high parity between nationals (20.3%) and foreigners (21.1%). Among the former, one in four businesses are involved in the hospitality and food sector; while foreigners are economically active in a wide range of professional activities.

Almost 45% of Spaniards and 41.3% of foreigners affirm that the presence of jet skis has a negative impact on their business. On the contrary, only 7.9% and 3%, respectively, consider that it has a positive impact.

Among the negative impacts of jet skis are: noise, lack of controls and danger for bathers. 78% acknowledge that their customers complain about the noise caused by jet skis.

Area values
About 85% of the total respondents highlighted natural values ​​(landscape, marine life, quality of beaches) as the main attraction, followed by the tranquility of the area (62.3%) and owning a house / apartment ( 45.6%) as main values ​​to choose the destination Almuñécar-La Herradura.

Among the most practiced sports activities, related to the sea reported by respondents are swimming (47.6%), diving (41.6%) and kayaking (26.5%).

Negative effects
The three main negative effects of the use of jet skis in the area are:
1. Noise is annoying: 77.9%
2. Impact on protected areas and marine fauna: 77.6%
3. The danger for other users of the beach and the sea: 71.8%

Increase in the number of jet skis
80% of the people who responded to the survey noted an increase in the number of jet skis in the past year.

Most importantly 82.9% of respondents expressed their concern about the increase in the number and presence of jet skis, to the point of considering stopping coming to and / or live in Almuñécar- La Herradura, if this trend continues.

The results suggest that there is a high level of discomfort among the population of the municipality, both residents and visitors, with respect to jet skis. To avoid the deterioration of the area, which – according to the results of the survey – is widely appreciated for its natural beauty ​​and tranquility, evinces the urgency of taking measures to stop the rise of jet skis, as well as regulate their use.

Anne Zipse, President
La Herradura, May 4, 2021

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  6 comments for “Survey on Jet-Ski Impact

  1. N T
    May 23, 2021 at 11:17 am

    Well done everyone for speaking your minds about this imposition, considering there will be opposition from the jetski sellers and renters.
    I also look down on Marina del Este and am horrified that I still hear them off the rock in Almunecar over a mile away! It is inexcusable that one or two inconsiderate users can disturb thousands of people on shore.
    It is probably unreasonable to expect a total ban even though I would love that, but rather impose conditions to minimize the imposition, specifically to rigorously enforce noise emissions by insisting on silencers. Round-the-world skiers installed them as they couldn’t stand the noise!
    Secondly (somehow) forcing them to operate a minimum distance from the shoreline.
    There are jetski users who operate responsibly and with consideration and who should be mobilised to help control their inconsiderate friends.

  2. PJH
    May 14, 2021 at 12:15 am

    Being a resident and overlooking Marina Del Este I have noticed an exceptional increase with the Jet skis, also the number of pontoons provided by the Marina for Jet skis has increased this season. They now seem to have regular races at weekends 4 at a time who can reach the entrance to the Marina first, only time will tell before there’s an accident at the Mouth of the Marina with the boat rental market increasing amongst novice sailors.

    I do hope it doesn’t affect the recent Blue flag award presented to Marina Del Este.

  3. Fred Davies
    May 13, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    Jet skiing incredibly noisy and most of us visit the beach to relax. I cannot believe they don’t have a negative impact on marine life and of course not running on fresh air they are also bad for the environment. I cannot see a total ban but perhaps they can only be used for an hour first light and late on

  4. Chris Johnson
    May 13, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    I am a longtime permanent resident of La Herradura but, unfortunately, was out of the country for several months including the period during which this survey was carried out. No doubt many other residents and regular visitors to La Herradura, unable to travel to Spain because of the COVID situation, would have been delighted to participate in this survey.

    Myself, for one, would have voted firmly against the uncontrolled use of jet skis wildly carousing around La Herradura Bay, its noisy disturbance at all hours of the day as well as the danger swimmers, divers and canoeists are being exposed to!

    Hopefully, the Ayuntamiento will consider banning this so called ‘sport’ which more than annoys so many people.

  5. Judy Knutsen
    May 13, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    I DO hope this Negative Impact Statement is taken Seriously!!
    Add the effect on the Dolphins who I haven’t seen off the coast of Almunecar in months! SO smart are they to avoid the Jet skis!!

  6. Judy Knutsen
    May 13, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    I DO hope this Megative Impact Statement is taken Seriously!!
    Add the effect on the Dolphins who I haven’t seen off the coast of Almunecar in months! SO smart are they to avoid the Jet skis!!

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