From France with Love

One of the imports people in Granada don't expect from France is a 100-year-old handgrenade amongst horticultural products. However, that is what happened.

GRA WW1 French GrenadeIt was in the evening of the 24th when an employee was cleaning machinery used for washing horticultural produce and found the geriatric grenade bouncing about inside.

The Policía Nacional were called out and turned up at the warehouse on the Granada trading estate, poked and prodded it a few times, played catch for a while and then called in the TEDAX bomb-disposal team. (I might have made that up – just saying).

Anyway, TEDAX had the task of disposing of the explosive device before it disposed of them or anybody else. They first identified it as belonging to World War One, being of the fragmentation kind; a British (Mills Bomb).

The horticultural produce that it arrived in came from the north of France where the British and French lines faced their German counterparts.

As it was very corroded by the passage of time they took it to a nearby quarry to be detonated.

We often hear of munitions cropping up in Spain where the old, front lines were during the Civil War, which occurred over 80 years ago, but it is very rare for something from the First World War to be found here, given that Spain was neutral during that conflict.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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