A Pony…

Yet another equine, in this case a pony, completely neglected and suffering, but this time in the town of Daimalos, (Arenas, Axarquía).

AXA Pony with Deformed HoovesThe Asociación Apisman, in collaboration with the Vélez-Málaga-based Seprona (Guardia Civil) and the Centro Andalusí de Rescate de Caballos in Alhaurín el Grande, managed to rescue the pony from its unhappy existence, struggling on completely deformed hooves and in constant agony.

The Chairman of Apisman, Óscar del Bosque, explained that they had found out about the animal’s predicament about two months ago, thanks to a routine inspection carried out by the said association on livestock farms around the Axarquía.

They then set about finding out who the owner of the animal was. Furthermore, Sr. Del Bosque said that the pony had a chip but the name of the owner was not included. Neither were there any records with local veterinary clinics for the animal; i.e., it wasn’t registered with them.

At this point, Apisman decided it was time to contact the Centro Andalusí de Rescate de Caballos in Alhaurín el Grande, which was a week before Easter, providing photos and video footage of the farm. Within days the two associations and Seprona had retrieved the animal and taken it to the said horse-rescue centre for treatment and adequate care. The pony is now recovering favourably.

In fact, Sr. Del Bosque said that they had to contact a veterinary surgeon in Córdoba, specialised in traumatology, in order to treat the animal completely, owing to the deformity of its hooves – the tendons in its back legs were damaged.

As for the owner, he said that it was not his fault but rather it was the pony’s fault because “the hooves grew upwards instead of downwards.” The owner had even attempted to cut the hooves back using a disc cutter…

(News: Arenas, Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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  1. Robert Clayton Cain
    April 13, 2021 at 9:09 am

    I hope the pony makes a full recover and will not return to owner. Has for the owner I hope someone leaves him to rot and takes a disc cutter to his feet.

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