Lost Biker Found

The Guardia Civil managed to locate a missing motorbike rider after he had had an accident out in the countryside.

SPN Lost Biker FoundThe 49-year-old victim had been missing for 24 hours after leaving home at 19.30h on Thursday the 8th for a ride on a trial bike within the municipality of El Real de San Vicente, (Toledo).

When he failed to return that night, relatives reported him as missing, fearing that he had had an accident. The Guardia Civil immediately activated the missing-persons protocol, sending out patrols along the country tracks that the victim might have taken.

The bad weather didn’t help which had covered the area in a thick blanket of fog but with the help of the bike-mounted Seprona patrols and later the Guardia Civil helicopter normally used for traffic control (Pegaso) they came across the bike lying on a track around 15.30h on Friday. Then an hour later they found the rider, who was conscious despite having received a strong blow to the head, which was mitigated by his crash helmet.

Paramedics prepared him for transfer to hospital by stabilising his condition, he was flown by helicopter to the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo for a thorough check up and kept under observations.

(News: Real de San Vicente, Toledo, Castilla la Mancha)

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