Not Turning up for Jab

The rumours on Internet and the political indecision shown by politians has caused many people not to turn up for their AstraZeneca-jab appointment.

SPN Vaccine CoronavirusIt appears that around 20% of those called by their local medical centre to receive the said vaccination have not turned up on the day.

And of course, it is not only the indecisive and sometimes contradictory attitude taken by the Central Government and some regional ones that have sown doubt in people’s minds but also the same hesitancy demonstrated right across Europe.

The fear is over the reports of thrombotic reaction to the drug, even though the percentage is infinitesimally small when taken against the total number of people who have already had their Astrazeneca jab.

But it is not only this British-Swedish drug that is causing distrust but also Pfizer, for example – the number of people that don’t turn up for their injections with this other drug is admittedly much smaller, but the tendency exists, all the same.

Those receiving Pfizer inoculations are people in the 75-79 group, who receive a phone call, whereas the AstraZeneca group (up to 65) are being informed via a text message, which is proving to be less effective and could have some influence on the no-turn-up figure.

Editorial comment: the great pity is that the body politic of Spain is putting party politics before tackling the common enemy: the pandemic.

(News: Andalucia)

  4 comments for “Not Turning up for Jab

  1. Fred Davies
    April 11, 2021 at 4:37 pm

    All the Covid19 vaccination drugs went through rigorous testing….every drug out there has potential side effects but without exception the chance of a side effect is small and even less likely is that if you are unfortunate enough to have a side effect it will be nowhere near as getting the virus itself period

  2. Jeremy
    April 11, 2021 at 12:45 pm

    To cause problems spread FUD – fear uncertainty doubt. Sadly, the EMA and health authorities are doing the doubt and uncertainty bit.

    How the Astra Zeneca vaccine can be safe for a 50 year old in Greece but not in Germany is impossible to explain.

    I am sure big pharma are in competition but in this case Pfizer don’t need to do anything to undermine AZ – the ‘responsible’ authorities are doing the job for them.

    Key problem is those in charge do not understand speed and scope of Internet and social media. If they did, they would use expertise and their financial muscle to overcome the big pharma / whoever is causing dangerous and needless doubts.

    I’d rather have a vaccine and live than get Covid (and maybe die a long horrible death).

  3. April 11, 2021 at 8:12 am

    Teresa: They’re using Pfizer to work their way down from 79 once the 80s group is completed and AstraZeneca working down from 69 (if they haven’t changed their minds again).

    The reason that they probably used phone calls for the 80s-and-over group is because people of that age in Spain don’t use text messaging – some even have difficulty reading, as schooling in their youth was rudimentary at best in Andalucia, especially for girls.

    If people don’t turn up for Pfizer jabs, the drug is lost if not immediately used, whereas AstraZeneca does not require specialised storage.

    This boils down to a comercial war, in my opinion, between pharmaceutical giants. On the one hand you have a cheap vaccination that does not require 80-below storage, in direct competition with expensive-to-obtain and difficult-to-store vaccinations, so if you put enough doubt into people’s minds about the cheap one, you can sell the more expensive ones.

    It’s a propaganda campaign via social media delivered directly to people’s phones, tablets and laptops – if you can cause enough doubt in their minds, then it doesn’t matter what health authorities say because they simply won’t turn up to be vaccinated.

    Again, in my personal opinion, this is precisely what happened with Brexit and Trump’s election – non-accountable advertising on facebook worth millions leaving nothing to trace.

    Add to this that AstraZeneca is being used in the pro and contra Brexit camps.

  4. Teresa Deasy
    April 11, 2021 at 7:53 am

    So if you’re between 65 and 75! What then? I hope I get a phone call because text messages sometimes don’t come through on my phone or get delayed.

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