Wheelchair Arson

A Motril woman, mother of a son with a severe handicap, reported that somebody had deliberately set fire to his wheelchair.

MOT Police Station, Policia NacionalBut this was not the first time that the said motorised wheelchair had suffered some kind of vandalic act.

In fact, friends and neighbours had already started a fund-raising campaign to have it replaced because of previous damage done to it – the seat had been slashed and parts broken off.

The mother, Concepción Sánchez, normally leaves the ‘orthopedic chair’ outside her flat on the landing. However, recently the block’s lift has developed a fault and is out-of-use, so she has had to leave it just inside the entrance to the building.

It was on Monday night that a neighbour warned her that the chair was on fire.

Her son, 36-year-old, José Miguel, has a 95% disability through epileptic encephalopathy that caused psychomotor retardation, that has left him with the need of almost 24-hour care.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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