Unpaid Police Beef

The workers union for the police, SIPLG, has denounced that Motril, municipal police officers have not been paid for their work in Torrenueva.

MOT TorrenuevaUnder the present arrangement, Motril provides policing for the newly independent municipality of Torrenueva as they simply can’t afford the expense of setting up a police station, staffing it, providing patrol vehicles and all the other expenses of maintaining a municipal police service.

This arrangement has held for the last two years, ever since Torrenueva Costa obained its independence from Motril. The arrangement is not permanent as Torrenueva hopes to be able to eventually provide its own policing.

The problem is that although Torrenueva pays Motril for policing, according to SIPLG, the money hasn’t reached the officers who patrol the town in the last four months.

Last month the said officers received pay corresponding to October. According to SIPLG, up to 40 officers have carried out this duty on a voluntary basis, carrying out patrols on their days off.

The Motril Councillor for Citizen Safety, Mara Escámez, explained that the delay was due to recent changes to intervention service, which require approval in a Plenary Meeting before it can be paid. She assured that they would soon receive the outstanding sums.

Editorial comment: you can bet that the councillors do not have any problems getting paid for their work.

(News: Motril/Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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