Velilla Roadworks

Yesterday saw work commence along the eastern end of the Paseo de Velilla, Almuñécar, replacing the underlying water mains.

ALM Velilla water mains work 08MR21The work, which will affect a section of the paseo from the Rambla Caballero as far as Calle Velimar, has been commissioned by the utility company, Aguas y Servicios with an initial budget of 185,000 euros.

It’s actually funded by a standing levy on all domestic water bills.

A twin, 511-metre-long length of PVC pipe with a diametre of 315mm will replace an old, fibre-cement one.

It won’t be all done in one go, so as not to affect locals too much, especially with Semana Santa just around the corner, during which work will be halted. It is expected that this way it will take about two months to complete.

It was back in July last year that there was a disruption to the mains water supply affecting not only Velilla but also Taramay. (See our article) The water was off most of the day and it wasn’t until around midnight that the supply was re-established by Aguas y Servicios.

The repair was supposed to be a temporary one with 270 metres of pipe laid from the N-340 junction down to El Pozuelo.

Now at last, the Mancomunidad intends to give a more permanent solution once they have completed the project details and corresponding licence from the relevant administration obtained.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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