A Fortnight Away

The PM of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno announced if the situation continues to improve as it is doing, provincial borders will reopen in 15 days.

AND PM Moreno AndaluciaSr. Moreno made this announcement in Barcelona earlier today when questioned by members of the press, ratifying earlier statements on this possibility made by his Minister of Health and Vice PM.

He said that he would consider this option if, “between now and fourteen days the contagion level is low enough to open the eight provinces.”

As for Semana Santa, Sr. Moreno referred to the meeting between the Heads of the autonomous regions of Spain and the Central Government in which it was to be agreed a common stance on the measures to be in place for Easter. He said that it was especially painful for Andalusia because of its tourism sector but nevertheless the criteria of health experts should be followed in order to forestall a possible fourth wave.

Finally, when asked for his opinion on the Madrid PM’s decision to keep its regional border open despite hotly expressed opposition from other regional leaders, he said that Madrid’s situation was distinct from other as it was a region that “exports” tourists whilst others, like Andalucia, “import” them.

Editorial comment: both Andalucía and Madrid are run by the conservative PP administrations, so it would have been surprising had he expressed open criticism.

(News: Andalucia)

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