Brawl at Police Checkpoint

A routine road control stationed on the municipal boundary of La Zubia ended up in a scuffle with two policemen and a local injured.

GRA La Zubia Police Scuffle FB21The incident took place on Monday at one of the access points of La Zubia when a car with three male occupants was stopped; La Zubia is locked down having over 1,000 per 100,000 infections.

When an officer asked them for their IDs, the response was that they were “fed up with being stopped” in other towns they had passed through, adding that they considered that it was only because they looked foreign.

According to Chief of Police, Gustavo Hernández, the occupants “mentioned a weapon,” saying,”let’s see if we’ve got to get the pistol out.”

This made the police officers nervous so they told the three men to get out and put their hands on the roof of the car in order to be searched.

“The driver and front passenger got out of the car in an aggressive manner and threatened the officers,” said the police chief, with one of the men spinning around and pushing the officer attempting to search him.

On the other hand, the three men claim that the agents behaved arrogantly and provocatively. They also denied that any of them had a pistol in their possession at the time: “They treated us like murderers, saying that we were armed but it’s a lie,” they claim. They have also registered a denuncia against the policia municipal of La Zubia and the Town Hall.

Somebody made a video of the incident as it was unfolding and posted it online where it went viral. The police, however, claim that the footage is edited

“The Guardia Civil were on the other side of the roundabout and a woman alerted them to the fact that their Policía Local colleagues were being attacked,” explained the police chief, adding that a Guardia officer and an off-duty municipal policeman turned up to help their fellow officers.

The Mayor, Inmaculada Hernández, has offered the municipal police the services of the Town Hall legal department, if the officers decided to take legal action against the three men, or against the social-media users who left abusive comments under the said video, which include threats.

(News: Zubia, Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia).

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