Not Very Romantic

GRA Tablet DeviceA 19-year-old lad was arrested, suspected of carrying out a burglary in his girlfriend’s parents’ house, which is just not cricket.

He reportedly bagged a tablet device worth 650 euros and a gold ring, belonging to his prospective father-in-law – not off to a good start, then.

The Policía Nacional managed to recover the tablet, which had been sold in a pawn shop, and returned it to its rightful owner. The ring, which had been sold in another pawn shop, had been sold on after being held for the legal amount of time required by law. Its whereabouts is still unknown.

But the plot thickens… A young women reported that somebody had snatched her handbag in the centre of Granada, containing her keys… and a tablet worth 650 euros. The police quickly suspected that the handbag snatch had never taken place.

Realising that her porkie wasn’t going anywhere, she confessed that around the end of December she had lost her house keys. She remembers that the 1st of January was the last time that she had used her tablet and when she went to use it again on the 3rd, it was not there. So, she decided to cook up a story about her bag being snatched, even though she knew that whoever had really taken the tablet must have been somebody in her immediate circle.

The police began investigating and came to the conclusion that the boyfriend had taken the keys without her knowledge, so, knowing beforehand that nobody was home, he used the key to gain access and walk off with the two stolen items, according to the police. The CCTV in the pawn shops were used to identify the person who came in with the stolen goods.

So, the young couple (if they still are) are both in trouble and will face a magistrate in the near future.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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