Looking for Trouble

GRA Policia LocalPolicía Local in the city of Granada arrested a woman after she entered several bars without a mask and set about coughing next to people, claiming she had Covid. She reportedly went so far as to actually spit on someone.

This took place around 16.40h on Friday on Calle Navas where there are several bars. The police went to one of the bars where the woman was still present and told her to put a mask on and to identify herself.

She refused so the police had no other option than to put her in the patrol car and take her to a medical centre to undergo a check up.

However, whilst there, she continued with her behavior and even started insulting staff and users, completely ignoring the presence of the police officers.

Following the medical check, up she was taken into custody, facing charges of failing to comply with instructions from a law officer in the course of his duty.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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