Czech Wolfdog Pups Abandoned

GRA Czech Wolf Pups AbandonedDogs and cats, for example, are abandoned all year round, but especially after Christmas or before the summers hols, but what about Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs?

Not your average mutt, then, which is why these three pups made the news. Unfortunately two of them have alread died but the third one is hanging onto life.

This breed is relatively new (1955); a German Shepherd crossed with Carpathian grey wolf. The breeders were looking for the temperament, pack mentality, and trainability of the former with the strength, physical build and stamina of the latter.

For this reason training them was a bit touch and go back in the late 50s so they recrossed the result with a German Shepherd again thus reducing the percentage of wolf in the animal but even so they’re superior to normal dogs in navigational skills, stamina and at being able to convince somebody not to mess with their owners.

But back to the abandoned wolfdog pups, which were found in the municipality of Guadix. Their discovery was posted on social media and immediately went viral; just in the case of Instagram the video has been seen over 100,000 times.

The animal help society that took them in was the Asociación Huellas Accitanas. One of their volunteers explained that they were brought in on Wednesday in a lamentable state. The were immediately handed over to a vet but by Thursday morning one had died with another dying yesterday morning.

The thing is, as they are so different, people do not usually abandon them, so it is more likely that a breeder ditched them if he or she was unable to shift them because of the health crisis or because they saw that the pups were sick and didn’t want to spend the money on vet fees.

In 2020, Asociación Huellas Accitanas managed to get 481 of their charges adopted, which in itself shows just how many pets are abandoned each year just in that area.

(News: Guadix, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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