El Niño Prizes in Granada

SPN Loteria El Niño JA21The prizes from  the second most important loteria of the year, El Niño, which is drawn on the 6th, rained down on eight municipalities within our province.

Each decimo of the number 19570 was worth 200,000 euros – *sob* I didn’t buy one although I was toying with buying one corresponding to the year of my birth… 1957!

People in three municipalities in Granada bought winning tickets for the third prize, 05587. Between those two  winning numbers, 1.27m euros found a home in the province of Granada.

The town of Huéscar was the municipality where most of the Third Prize went, which will make being up to their armpits in snow just a little more cosy. We’re talking about half a million. The rest of the prize money for that number went to a bar in Rincón de la Victoria.

A tidy 100,000 went to Cúllar whereas in Armilla, Santa Fe and Purullena the sum received in each case was 25,000 euros.

The First Prize landed in Zafarraya, Loja and Granada where one decimo had been purchased in each, worth 200,000 euros a ticket.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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