Flat Parties Reveal Tax Dodge

GRA Illegal Flat Parties PoliceA noisy flat party full of university students is bound to attract the attention of the neighbours, which in turn leads to a visit from the police.

When the police do knock on the door, everybody remains silent and nobody answers the door because without a warrant, the police can’t enter. When this happens, after a while, the police go.

Things have changed, however, from this October because the night curfew came into effect. The curfew hasn’t eradicated this sort of behaviour but it has eliminated the effectiveness of the tactic of “don’t answer the door and they will eventually go away.”

Hacienda has teamed up with the City Hall to identify the tenants where these illegal gatherings take place thanks to rental-contract records. In fact, this ‘alliance’ has not only meant that those that infringe the Covid restrictions can be tracked down, but it also has brought to light a great deal of flats that have been rented out illegally.

Hacienda inspectors escorted by the Policía Local have made 142 inspections, 40% of which were found to have no rental contract; i.e., an undeclared income before Hacienda, and another 20% of which where the owner’s tax declaration was incorrect; i.e., the rent declared was inferior to the amount paid by the tenant.

At present there are still 106 flats where illegal parties have been reported that are under investigation by the tax office but the number being forwarded by the City Hall to Hacienda just continues to grow: during the whole of 2020 up to 14th of November at total of 815 flat parties were reported by neighbours to the police.

In fact, during just the month of October, there were 276 illegal flat parties – last year during the same month there had only been 46.

So how does it work? When the Policía Local turn up and knock on the door where a flat party is suspected of being underway, the organisers are fined 400 euros straight off the bat, for infringing Covid restriction measures on how many people can be under one roof (six). Furthermore, each participant is also fined 100 euros each. If anybody refused to identify themselves, the fine is higher.

If the people inside simply refuse to answer the door, Hacienda is immediately contacted so that the identify of the tenants can be ascertained and then the wheels begin to turn…

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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