Salobreñero Trapped in the UK

SAL-Lorry-Driver-Trapped-in-the-UKThere has been extensive coverage of the lorries caught up at Dover unable to move, amongst them, however, is  a lorry driver from Salobreña.

It is only logical that there must be dozens of lorry drivers from the Costa Tropical as so much of the local horticultural & subtropical-fruit produce ends up in the UK. However, it is important to put a face to one of the hundreds of drivers affected.

Manuel Rodríguez is a driver for Logística Venegas Llanas, situated in Salobreña. At the time when the pictures was taken, he was parked up in a lay by somewhere to the south east of London.

It was last Monday when he crossed over from France into England where he was to unload his trailer. When he was about to return he caught wind of what was happening nearer to Dover so he decided to pull over and wait before becoming embroiled in that static turmoil.

In fact, Logística Venegas has two drivers trapped in the UK and even though on Tuesday the French authorities reopened up their end of the Euro-Tunnel for French citizens and residents returning home, as well as for transport drivers, there is such a backlog that those at the back of the queue, like Manuel, missed Christmas at home and are probably still in the UK. Furthermore, everybody has to have a Covid PCR before embarking.

But the situation for the company is also suffering with produce to transport and restrictions at many of the destinations, not just the UK.

Let’s hope that Manuel and the other driver from the same company are back in time to enjoy New Year’s at least.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Radiosalobreña)

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