UK Flights Restricted

AND Malaga Airport OnLThe Central Government has just announced that Spain, in conjuction with Portugal, has stopped air passengers arriving from the UK with two exceptions.

Spaniards will be permitted to return to Spain from the UK, as will foreigners with their official place of residence here.

These restrictions, which will also affect the land border with Gibraltar, come into force tomorrow

Besides the meeting between the Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez and the Portuguese PM Antonio Costa, the corresponding Ministers of Public health and the Ministers of the Exterior were also present.

It has also just been announced that the first case detected on the Iberian Penisular of the new strain that is spreading within UK has been detected in Gibraltar.

Editorial comment: There are few details offered at the moment as this decision was taken only a few hours ago, but when more is known we shall update this article.

(News: Spain)

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