JCB Operator Drowns

SPN JCB tipped over in streamThe fire service belonging to the autonomous region of Madrid recovered the body of a JCB operator from his semi-submerged vehicle yesterday.

The 60-year-old victim had been dredging a stream (Arroyo Artiñuelo) swollen with heavy rainfall, running next to houses in the municipality of Rascafría.

However, it seems that the bank gave way and the JCB tipped over, plunging the cabin underwater.

The fire personnel had to coordinate with specialised divers belonging to the Guardia Civil to retrieve the body.

At first, the emergency services were not sure whether the operator was trapped inside or had managed to jump free, which is why volunteers searched the riverbanks further down stream.

The accident, which occurred around 13.25h yesterday, took the life of a very popular member of the local community.

In a space of 24 hours this municipality had registered 120 litres per sq/m, or if you prefer 12cm of rain per sq/m.

(News: Rascafría, Madrid)


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