Plastic to Plastic

GRA Lanjarón Bottled WaterThose new to this land probably heard of the bottle-water brand, Lanjarón, before they found out where the village was, whose springs supplied the water.

The brand was snapped up by Aguas Danone España (1993) long after its fame had extended beyond the Alpujarra, the province and the region and even internationally.

It’s come a long way since it was presented at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1878 where it won a silver medal. In 1950 it built its own bottle-making factory before changing to plastic bottles in 1982.

Now it has made another change; making plastic bottles 100% out of old plastic bottles, a change which should be completed next year. It was in 2015 that it began the process using 15% recylced plastic in each new plastic bottle.

When this change over is complete, it will be the first company in Spain to have achieved this.

Down here on the coast, specifically in Almuñécar, Lanjarón bottled water became a necessity in the late 80’s with the severe drought – up until then bottled water was not commonly used but when the tap water turned salty, everybody had no alternative other than to buy drinking water.

(News: Lanjaron, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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