Restaurants Attacked

GRA Restaurant Vandalised with PaintA well known restaurant in the city of Granada was attacked with paint splashed onto its facade and it wasn’t the only eatery targeted recently.

Restaurante Oleum on Calle San Antón is not just any restaurant but the one belonging to the Chairman of Federación de Hosteleros de Granada, Gregorio García.

He explained that he immediately reported this act of vandalism against his property to the police but does not want to waste a minute on speculating whether it was an act of random vandalism or whether it has had anything to do with the protests that the sector has been carrying out, led by the Federation.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there have been other attacks using paint on the front of restaurants. For example on Monday the 23rd of November there was an act of vandalism in the city centre against a bar, El Pesaor, on the crossroads of Camino de Ronda and Gonzalo Gallas. The owner of this business did not report it to the police because, as he announced on his social media account, he has an idea who it was.

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