Sierra Nevada Resists

GRA SN Zona LagunaThe Sierra Nevada ski resort was originally going to open on the 28th of November but this was postponed, hoping to open in mid December.

There is plenty of snow up there and everything is ready to go but with the pandemic restrictions in place there is no point opening because the Pradollano ski station (run by the semi-public company, Cetursa) is a lot more than just ski slopes but hotels, restaurants and shops.

Cetursa is banking on the municipal restrictions being lifted on the 10th, even though a provincial one is imposed in its place – just with the inhabitants of the province of Granada, then they can save the ski season, which only last five months.

However, the Central Government has already announced that it intends to keep the nationwide night curfew in place, which would be a disaster for the accommodation sector up there.

On top of their other worries the EU announced that they recommend that their member states that have ski resorts keep them closed. The Spanish Minister of Health said that they would hold a meeting on Monday the 30th of November (we will already be at the printer by then) to see if Spain is going to comply.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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