GRA FateHow many of us, one day of our lives, will wake up in one life and finish the day in a vastly different one, after Fate decides to divide an existence in two?

Fate did this to father and daughter, one sweltering evening in Summer 2016 in the centre of Granada.

The incident occurred on Calle Reyes Católicos opposite the City Hall when a father, accompanied by his eight year old daugther, was on his way to an ATM to withdrawn cash. When they reached the bank, it was to find a homeless person asleep inside – it as 22.00h on the 10th of August.

The father told his daughter to wait outside whilst he entered the small cubicle to use the ATM. Just then the man awoke from a deep sleep and was startled to see a person standing  so close to  him and reacted in a violent verbal manner. He even tried to block the door so that the father couldn’t get out, but failed.

The father grabbed his daughter in his arms and hurried off with the other man pursuing, shouting, “I’m going to kill you.” Little did the homeless man know that he was about to almost do precisely that because the father stepped out in the road to distance himself from his assailant and was hit by a bus.

Both father and daughter were seriously injured and were rushed to the ICU in the nearby Traumatology Hospital, La Virgen de Las Nieves.

The impact had been brutal. The little girl needed three-hundred days to recover from her injuries. The father required 357 days to do the same.

Last week the Provincial Law Court of Granada sentenced the homeless man to 20 months imprisonment – his having been remanded in custody immediately after the accident was taken into account – and is forbidden from approaching the two victims for a period of two years following his release.

A moment of ire unintentionally changed the lives of these three people involved but The Fates that day had only decided to tangle the strings of their destinies and not sever them.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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