Christmas & Covid

SPN New Year's Eve Dinner OnLThe Central Government, concerned that you could be inviting something more than family & friends to your Christmas lunch, has announced limitations.

Here in Spain rather than a Christmas Lunch (which we call Dinner) they celebrate Christmas Dinner around ten in the evenings. Not only that, but New Year’s Night there is a second round of joyous gluttony. Finally, many choose on New Year’s Night to attend a Cotillón, which is an all-included dinner & entertainment in a restaurant.

This year, it will be different.

First of all, there will be no Cotillones because as the limitation is six people… no restaurant would find this economically viable.

This limitation on dinners also extends to ones held at home. The only time that you can exceed that number is if there are more than this number living in that particular dwelling, and let’s face it, numerous families are a thing of the past.

SPN Christman Dinner CartoonA question that the authorities have failed to answer is that if children are included in the half-dozen limitation; i.e., if you have six adults and five kids (preadolescents). As there has been no mention of the possibility, then we can only interpret is six is six.

This does make things pretty impossible, really because, let’s say, your son and daughter-in-law turn up with three kids… you’re over the limit. If you have two adult children and their partners, then you’ve already reached six so they can’t bring their kids.

But it is really a case of common sense because nobody is going to fine you because one of the couples have brought a toddler, or even a baby – they’re not going to leave them at home, after all, as they’ve come to be with their grandparents.

Quite another thing is two grandparents, two offspring plus partners and four teenage grandchildren – this would be ‘extracting urine.’

All this brings us to the night curfew which will more than likely remain in place until the vaccines begin to arrive. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the curfew won’t come into effect until 01.00h the next morning… after which you’ll be turned into a pumpkin and fined.

Mobility? Municipal restrictions will probably be lifted but regional ones will remain in force so visits from trans-Andalusian visitors won’t be possible… unless you’re Father Christmas or one of the Three Kings.

Now, the Minister of Public Health, Sr. Illa, has already announced that these restrictions are provisional and could change (tightened or slackened) depending on how the pandemic is evolving over the four weeks between now and then.

(News: Spain)

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