Watch Out! Brit About!

AND Brit causes crash by driving on the wrong side of the roadA British driver managed to cause a head-on collision in the province of Córdoba after driving on the wrong side of the road.

The accident occurred around 08.50h on Friday morning on the old A-431 road within the municipality of Almodóvar del Río. Fortunately, only vehicle damage was the cost of the accident as both drivers were unharmed.

Although we can presume that the British driver felt a “right-hand mammary gland.”

The 55-year-old man from Devon had been met off his flight at the Sevilla Airport by a work companion on Thursday, who then drove him to the place where he would staying during the job duration. The next morning, he jumped into his car and drove off… down the left-hand lane.

Anyway, both drivers were able to reduce speed considerably so that the impact speed was not lethal. Both drivers also gave a negative alcohol readings, as well.

Editorial comment: there is a chance that he had been lent a British, right-hand-drive car for the duration of his job here, which makes it more understandable, but if you get into a car with the steering wheel on the left… you would feel a bit strange driving along next to the verge instead of the centre of the road. Another question altogether are roundabouts where it would be easy to get it wrong.

(News: Cordoba, Andalucia)

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