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MOT Plant ProblemsMotril Town Hall has asked the Provincial Council to empty out and clean up the agricultural-waste, recycling plant. The request was directed jointly at the company that runs it, as well.

The Councillor for Agriculture, Antonio Escámez, explained that the plant is still processing large quantities of waste left over from the previous crop season yet it was at the doorstep of receiving the next season’s too.

Therefore, they fear that the plant will not be able to deal with it resulting in such waste being illegally dumped elsewhere.

Last year, the plant, which is located in the area of Las Zorreras on the outskirts of town, suffered two fires because it couldn’t move the processed compost out, leaving no room for the incoming waste, thus having too much combustible material on site.

This recycling plant, which is the only one of its kind in the whole province, processes about 30 tonnes a year. From this mass, 30% ends up as compost; i.e., ten tonnes.

The recycling plant, built by the Junta, was handed over to the Provincial Council, giving it the responsibility of running the plant until 2035, according to the Town Hall.

“We want a meeting with the Provincial Council,” said the councillor, adding, “the plant isn’t working correctly and farmers keep sending us complaints about it.”

Parts of the machinery aren’t working correctly, claims the councillor, and farmers end up having to transport their waste all the way to El Ejido in Almería, where the nearest alternative recycling plant is.

On the other hand, the Provincial Council says there are no planned renovations or extensions for the plant. It also points out that although the Junta donated the land for the plant to be built, some of the responsibilities were not transferred and control of these areas must be clarified.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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