Police Chief’s Car Stolen

AND Stolen Police Chiefs CarThe police chief of Fuengirola left his car open a moment at the door of his garage, at the end of a cul-de-sac, to unload his shopping.

He was still fumbling for the keys when his car shot off in reverse – somebody was in the act of stealing it. Is nothing sacred?

Now, it’s embarrassing enough for anybody, but for the chief of police belonging to a municipal police force, it is a tremendous blow to his prestige.

Knowing that he would never live it down, he ran after the car and was even able to grab hold of the driver’s door handle – but it was locked, which was when he began to lose steam and drop back, witnessing his car rapidly disappear. .

His next step was to report the theft… to the police on 092 (Policía Local) at 20:25h that evening and by 20:29h one of their patrol cars had spotted their chief’s missing car and a chase began, at one point, passing in front of the police station belonging to the Policía Nacional. They phoned their municipal counterparts to find out what was going on and once informed, joined the chase.

At one point the car thief drove along a pavement putting the lives of pedestrians at risk and also jumped several red lights. When he found himself cornered, he reversed his “borrowed” car into a patrol car blocking his exit and then sped forward ramming the one in front of him. All three cars suffered considerable damage.

Finally, they blocked in his car so that he couldn’t move, so he jumped out and ran for it.

So, by 21:00h the police chief had his car back… or most of it. The police began questioning witnesses who had seen the car thief run off, asking for a description. One of the officers from the Policía Nacional recognised the suspect from the description given – he had arrested the man not 48 hours before but the man had been released pending trial.

Finally, at two in the morning, a municipal patrol car came across him and arrested him. This time he has been remanded in custody.

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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