Nail-Cutter Hold Up

GRA Nailcutter Mugging OnLTowards the end of last month, a man phoned the police in the city of Granada to say that he had just been mugged by a man wielding a nailcutter.

The victim was walking along Avenida de la Constitución at 03.30h that morning when he was approached by a North African gentleman who pressed a vicious, nail-cutting device to his neck and demanded that he handed over his mobile phone… and any cash.

The victim complied with the villains instructions, parting company with his mobile worth around 900 euros. The mugger then skipped off.

Now devoid of the love-of-his-life, the victim phoned the police, reported what had happened and described his assailant, whom he said was dressed in “vivid colours.”

A police patrol was sent to the area and came across a group of people chatting in the Plaza Doctor López, amongst whom was a person that answered to the description given.

They searched the man and uncovered the lethal nail cutters but not the phone, it seems. He was arrested and charged with the mugging and wearing ridiculously loud clothing. The second of the charges might be a lie on our part… just saying.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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