Lújar Ex-Mayor Arrested

GRA Lujar Diego Estévez CabreraThe ex-Mayor of Lújar, Diego Estévez Cabrera was arrested on Wednesday, accused of growing marihuana for sale.

Sr. Estévez, who is currently a socialist councillor  and party Spokesman at the Town Hall, was invited to try out handcuffs after the Guardia Civil discovered a plantation in a barranco, La Rambla de Lújar, according to the Guardia Civil. He was arrested along with another Lújar resident.

After coming across the plantation the police kept an eye on it until finally nabbing a man in his 50s around 19.00h on Wednesday, who had apparently come to do a spot of “happy gardening.” The arrest of the 53-year-old councillor came a few hours later for his part in the plantation.

Sr. Estévez & Co spent a night in custody in the Guardia Civil post that Wednesday before being brought before a magistrate in Motril Thursday morning. Both men were later released pending a hearing.

According to the police, the plantation consisted of 25 plants “as big as trees,” situated in a communally owned area known as the Barranco de Quintanilla. 

In the meantime, the Guardia Civil are waiting for the leaves to dry so that they can quantify how much the haul was.

Now, the name of Diego Estévez might ring a bell as he lost the mayoralty thanks to a euro coin. This was because he and the present Mayor, Mariano González, PP, had to decide who would be the Mayor on the flip of a coin, which took place in the Motril lawcourts in 2011. Diego lost. (See photo.)

(News: Lujar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “Lújar Ex-Mayor Arrested

  1. Paul Craddock
    September 20, 2020 at 5:42 pm

    ‘waiting for the leaves to dry so that they can quantify how much the haul was’ ?They could just as easily work from fresh weight. More likely they wanted to check personally how potent it was. No need to wait for expensive lab test. Fantastic how our police will stop an nothing to save us poor tax payers unnecessary expense.

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