Hospital New Building Soon

MOT Santa AnaWell, things appear to be moving concerning the new wing belonging to Hospital Santa Ana as the Junta has put the job up bidding. Any construction company interested in the contract has until the sixth of October to enter their bid.

The wing, which will replace the old one that was demolished 14 years ago, will be 14 metres high divided into three floors, which according to the contract conditions, must be finished within 30 months from the beginning of construction work. So, if everything goes right – and they don’t tend to; let’s be honest – Motril should have its new wing within the Hospital Santa Ana complex by the end of 2022.

There could be one snag and that is the funding will be alloted according to the yearly budgets, something that has the medical unions a little worried, despite the assurances of the Head of Health & Families for the Junta, Jesús Aguirre, that they have 100% of the dosh put by.

So, what will this addition costing 6,674,336 euros provide? Well, Edifício Norte, as it will be known, will be connected to the other two buildings and will mainly house the Radio-Diagnostic Department. It will also be where the ‘command centre’ for the whole complex is housed, when the Personnel Department and Administration is relocated there. The company that provides the ambulances will also have their administrative offices there.

As departments will be moving over, it also means that space will be freed up in the original building so that remaining departments can expand.

Finally, hospital management said that work on the expansion of the Internal Medicine Department began at end of last month, partly because of the extra load caused by the pandemic.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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