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AND Autovia Costa TropicalAccording to the Chairman of the Hoteliers Association for the Costa Tropical, most hotels will close by the 1st of October – some even before.

Chairman Jesus Megías explained that every October a number of hotels close during off season but this year with next to no reservations on the horizon, most of those that normally stay open throughout the winter will be lowering their blinds, too.

Hotel Playacálida in Taramay has just closed down but this time, there is not foreseeable, fixed date for reopening in Spring 2021.

Normally, tourists from Scandinavia keep the hotels on Costa Tropical going but the booking reserves have been continually shrinking because of Covid-19.

All this means that some 800 hotel workers on the Costa Tropical will be out of a job if no hotels stay open. But it is not only hotel staff that will suffer, but also suppliers and related businesses, as well as the local tourism in general if all the hotels close.

In fact, the Chairman of the Asociación de Chiringuitos del la Costa Tropical already warned a couple of weeks ago that if the hotels close, the chiringuitos will probably be forced to follow suit. This summer they did not collectively hire as many staff as normal for a summer season, as it was.

The July figures according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística for the Costa Tropical dropped by 60% of the normal trade during summer season: 2019 = 195,703 tourists vs. 2020 = 76,182 tourists. Overnight stays in hotels dropped by 70%, dropping from just over half a million to 181,470.

The August figures are still not in.

Things couldn’t get any worse… or could they?

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Venetia
    September 16, 2020 at 11:22 am

    [A disaster. So sad. Feeling very sorry for all the businesses and the unemployed.

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