Parents Rebel over Schooling

ALM IES Al AndalusThe Parents Association  for the majority of Junior Schools in Almuñécar and La Herradura have called for strike action today and tomorrow.

The junior schools affected are CEIP Las Gaviotas in La Herradura and CEIP La Noria, CEIP Virgen de la Antigua, CEIP Arcos de Torrecuevas and CEIP San Miguel in Almuñécar.

This strike will be backed by secondary schools such as IES de Al-Andalus, IES Puerta del Mar and IES Villanueva del Mar in La Herradura.

The parents associations have called the strike in response to the “laxity and insecurity” in existence surrounding the opening of the 2020-2021 school year, in their opinion.

They consider that the Junta (through its Board of Education) failed to react adequately in providing human and material resources necessary, given the pandemic, in order to provide a safe reopening of the said schools in the municipality.

For this reason, reads the communique issued by Francisco García, who is on the parents board for CEIP Las Gaviotas, the parents of the said pupils do not consider the schools to be a safe environment at the moment.

For example, the number of pupils per class has not been reduced therefore it is impossible to maintain the 1.5m safety distancing.

The Junta has not provided sufficient extra teaching staff in order to lower the pupil-per-class ratio, especially in the infant schools and therefore making it impossible to follow the guidelines laid down by the Board of Education, itself.

The AMPA (parents association) considers that the only way to ensure health safety from the onset of the school year is for all pupils to undergo PCRs, thus detecting asymptomatic pupils – this has been rejected by the Junta.

The school-meals dining facilities are inadequate, both in space; i.e., social distancing, and for maintaining the class groups, the consequences of which would break up the “bubble groups” (class groups within the school that have no contact with other groups thus providing a barrier where infection is concerned).

The AMPA concludes by saying that each family has to make the decision whether to support the strike or not; i.e., everybody has the right to make their own decisions in that respect.

Editorial comment: not all junior and senior schools are participating, such as CEIP Río Verde and IES La Antigua for example. If you are going to approach the schools, please avoid customary crowding at the gates.

(News: Almunecar/Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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