Tin Cans & Car Theft

SPN Tin-Can Car ThievesIt doesn’t matter if you have an old banger* with no central locking or the latest  luxury car off the production line; thieves can steal it relatively easily.

Now you’re probably thinking of inhibitors or some other electronic means to gain access and drive off with the love of your life (sorry ladies; it’s not you) but the modus operandi involves a piece of string and an empty tin can.

Car thieves simply tie the can to the back of your car on a length of string – hidden under the car – and wait for you to drive off. You hear this god-awful noise and fearing the worse jump out and run around to the back to see what is hanging/fallen off…

At this point, the thief jumps into the car – you’ve thoughtfully left the driver’s door open – and sods off with your surprised and disappointed chariot.

Of course, this does not work on newly-married couples because just one more can being dragged behind their car really doesn’t make much difference…

So, beware, and remember to take your key with you when you jump out with popping eyes to see what the hell has happened…

Note for readers whose English is not their first language: old banger: ageing, decrepid car).

(News: Spain)

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  1. Ian Burgess
    September 11, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    Maybe worth clarifying, just to avoid any confusion, that an old banger could also be a dodgy sausage.

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